Phil Hent

13.30 tot 18.00 uur (4,5 uur B2B met Petro)

DJ Phil: From Beatboxer to Beat Maestro and Innovator

At the age of 14, Phil traded piano lessons for beatboxing, marking the beginning of his unique journey into the world of electronic music. As a member of “The Atomic Rappers” in Enschede, he found his calling and developed a passion for crafting sounds. His love for electronic music was ignited when he connected two drum machines – the KAWAI R50 and the Casio RZ-1 – an experience that forever shaped his musical vision.

In the ’90s, Phil began his foray into music production with the release of two vinyl 12” EPs titled “Beatbox Creating Euforia,” collaborating with Bart van der Zwaan. Transitioning into a full-fledged DJ was a natural progression, elevating his experiences and joy in spinning to new heights. His influences range from Solee, Mees Salomé, Laurent Garnier to Dimitri culminating in an eclectic and profound style.

Phil’s career took an exciting turn when he released a track on a compilation album with the French label Metrohm (Volume 3). This release led him to join an exclusive group of French producers, where they exchange the latest demos and discuss music. These collaborations have helped Phil further evolve and refine his sound.

Beyond his studio work, Phil is also active in event organization. He has recently started hosting his own parties in the heart of Enschede, sharing his love for music with an enthusiastic audience. These events are known for their intimate atmosphere and unique musical experiences.

Alongside his own projects, Phil’s excitement is unparalleled for his latest venture: helping organize ‘Never Too Late – The 2nd Edition’. His passion and dedication shine through in every step of the preparation. The pinnacle of his excitement? Booking Dimitri, his musical hero. This opportunity to work directly with an icon of the electronic music scene is a dream come true for Phil. His admiration for Dimitri’s innovative contributions to the music world is a driving force behind his enthusiasm and commitment to this event.

Phil’s passion for music and his talent for captivating audiences with his signature sound make each set a memorable experience. For contact, bookings, or to learn more, Phil can be reached at freshkeyfreak@gmail.com.