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13.30 tot 18.00 uur (4,5 uur B2B met Phil Hent)

Dance and celebrate life, and above all enjoy every day!

When PetrO was about 13 or 14 years old, he started mixing tapes and cassette tapes with danceable music. At that time it was mainly soul, funk and disco. He listened to the Ferry Maat Soul Show every Thursday evening with his decks and a mixing console at the ready to record the songs. The real old-fashioned stick and cut work… Of course, all of this happened at far too high volumes in his room. This greatly irritated his parents, who had a shop underneath his makeshift studio, so they asked him if he was already deaf at this young age or something?

A little older, he bought two dual pick-ups and headphones and started mixing and recording vinyl songs. Together with his brother and a friend of theirs, they bought a powerful illegal FM transmitter at that time and on Sunday afternoon they hurled the music into the airwaves… illegally, yes. He put together an hour of delicious Soul live on air, at that time Ben Liebrand was (of course) the idol. PetrO also played weekly in a dance hall in Vriezenveen, his hometown at the time. Probably consumed by family life, work and other interests, this spinning stopped for a long time. And when he rediscovered the possibilities of Pioneer DJ equipment in combination with Techno music, he was sold again.

His interest in melodic techno music only grew and various festivals he visited gave PetrO the necessary inspiration to continue with it as a DJ and producer. Unfortunately, the parties and festivals came to a complete standstill (corona) So… he organized a few parties with a few other DJs and started playing his own sets again. One of those regular events that he organizes himself is the “Melodic techno Night” in De Kroeg in Oldenzaal. With the current techniques and great possibilities with software from Ableton Live and Pioneer, he got the good feeling back. Better late than never…it’s Never Too Late!

Of course you can listen to what you can expect on his sound cloud page.